What prey tell is love? The idle musings of McGoo.

On “Love”. I am not sure of the meaning of ‘Love’. There are some people I have strong feelings for that could be interpreted by some I suppose, as love. There are people I would lay my life on the line for, but not many, and I am not sure if even that is love.

There is love and there is “being in love” two very different sets of emotions. I was “in Love” once and she died in my arms after an ambush. After that, I created an impenetrable fortress around myself and have never allowed anyone beyond the moat that encircled this fortress. The alligators in the moat have long since died, and as for the moat, it has gone dry, And every now and then I leave the gate down, probably by forgetfulness.

It must be senility setting in, as I find myself wanting to fall in love again. I am not sure that is possible or how I would go about it if the opportunity presented itself. I must admit when it comes to true love I am a neophyte.

Alas, the one thing of which I am sure is that I definitely love my puppies.

That unfortunately is where this story will likely end.






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