Heaven and Hell. ..A walk with McGoo

Heaven and Hell

There are those who will tell you that Hell is here on earth in  the daily existence of life. My heart is out to them, as with that rational one must conclude the only  alternative to a better existence is death, a concept I find it hard to buy into.

I believe that both Heaven and Hell  exist  here on earth, with the choice being ours which one we spend the majority of our time in. I say “majority” as we all tend to drift between the two, contingent on where our lives are at any given moment. It is up to us to manage and control our lives to insure we spend the maximum amount of time in whichever we prefer. It is within the ability of each person to make the decision where to spend their time, it takes resolve, fortitude, and tenacity, but it can be done.

I also believe that if there is a life after death that we will spend it where we have chosen to spend our mortal life. Back to the scripture, the passage “Ye shall reap that which ye have sewn” sort of sums those feelings up pretty well.

I have my own commandments which are being put into writing collectively for the first time as I pen this:

The only person you have to make happy and answer to is yourself

Realize that everyone else thinks they know what is best for you, have your own mind; live your own dream, everyone else will fall in line, if they don’t they may not be worth it in the first place

Try to hurt no one in the process of quenching your thirst for life

Live well

Work hard

Be fair to others

The heart and mind are like parachutes, they only work when open.

Embrace your enemies for you never know who you will eventually love

If you feel you are right, stand your ground at any cost,


                        You don’t lose until you quit

Work, live, and love fully, as the track of life is only so long.


Try to insure that your list of things you wanted to do is very small when you die. You can only do that by spending as much time as possible doing what you want today.

Control what I call the three major motivators in humanity:  Greed,  Fear,  and Sloth. These three factors have changed the history of mankind for the worse since the beginning of time.

Try replacing the above motivators with:  Giving,  Kindness, Compassion, and Love. If you succeed you will have a much richer and happier life. Just beware,  many people will question your motives as these qualities are very foreign to most.

Enjoy as many moments as you can for you only have so many of them. In the process try to enrich the lives of others, for then all mankind wins.

Do not fall victim to sloth, if you see potential for greatness force it to develop at any cost, for it is in short supply in these times.

Always remember, if you say “I can’t” you are probably right! Nothing has ever been attained by quitting. Life is full of speed bumps, recognize them and approach carefully, but don’t turn around or take a detour because of life’s obstacles, for that is the best way to get nowhere


Remember, entropy causes things to go to hell when left to their own. The only things in life that improve are those we take charge of and make better. Bad situations don’t heal, they must be fixed.     


I truly try to live my life by these guidelines, and while I don’t always succeed I do always try. Unfortunately I have not embraced these ideals for long, for I lived on the dark side for a lot of my life and that is too bad; for now at an advanced stage in life I find myself but a fledgling in life as it should be. Sometimes I find myself being clumsy in the pursuit of love and happiness, I have pretty well mastered the motivators of Giving, Kindness, and Compassion, but I realize I am still a neophyte in and a little clumsy with love and interpersonal relationships. That I feel is a result of limited exposure to them. I do know I will eventually get it under control, as I am not giving up on myself any more than I do anyone else I care for.


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