Life, love and the stock market, no place for sissies….The true investments in life. McGoo



It is amazing the similarities between the three. In each, one can make investments hoping for a reasonable return. In the stock market the investment is money, and fortunes are made and lost. In life and love the investment is time and emotion, neither of which can ever be replaced. The greater the love the greater the investment, often bringing one to the point of emotional bankruptcy.

The wise financial investor realizes that the market fluctuates, sometimes drastically, and it is often prudent to hang in there even when things are going badly as it will return to a favorable profile given time, it is just being brave enough to stick it out. The investor in life and love is in much the same situation, only there is a lot more at stake, as unlike money, one can never get the time and spent emotion back if it goes totally sour. The survival strategy for either is basically the same, be tough, enjoy the good times, buckle up during the down times, be committed and tenacious enough to stick it out if need be, and most important, knowing when to cut and run if necessary to prevent total disaster.

Unfortunately it is a lot easier to walk away from a financial investment than an investment of the heart, for there will always be that question hovering,  “what if I hadn’t given up.”

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