The $3.00 Bouquet….. One of McGoo’s better ideas.


Several months ago I had the opportunity to pick up a beautiful bouquet of flowers for $3.00. (a florist occupies the space next to me and I get first shot at their mistakes and orders not picked up.) I in turn gave the flowers to a dear friend. She was enthralled with the bouquet, and stated “oh, you shouldn’t have.” A statement which forms the basis for this posting. My immediate reply was that to not have done so would have been akin to being in a catatonic trance. I further reasoned that anytime anyone can make someone as happy as that bouquet did her for three dollars it would be criminal not to. Enter the concept of what has become known as “The Three Dollar Bouquet” way of life. Which clearly stated is an opportunity to make someone happy at a minimum cost or effort. In my case, something as little as an email from a loved one totally transforms my day. A kind word, a gentle touch are other examples of the Three Dollar Bouquet. I challenge everybody to give a Three Dollar Bouquet to someone daily. You will find the world will be a nicer place to be .

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