Riches Abound by McGoo

Riches Abound

Pride takes many different forms. The pride of ownership shines through in this image. These people have untold wealth in their hearts.


What prey tell is love? The idle musings of McGoo.

On “Love”. I am not sure of the meaning of ‘Love’. There are some people I have strong feelings for that could be interpreted by some I suppose, as love. There are people I would lay my life on the line for, but not many, and I am not sure if even that is love.

There is love and there is “being in love” two very different sets of emotions. I was “in Love” once and she died in my arms after an ambush. After that, I created an impenetrable fortress around myself and have never allowed anyone beyond the moat that encircled this fortress. The alligators in the moat have long since died, and as for the moat, it has gone dry, And every now and then I leave the gate down, probably by forgetfulness.

It must be senility setting in, as I find myself wanting to fall in love again. I am not sure that is possible or how I would go about it if the opportunity presented itself. I must admit when it comes to true love I am a neophyte.

Alas, the one thing of which I am sure is that I definitely love my puppies.

That unfortunately is where this story will likely end.






Vision … Through the eyes of McGoo.

You do not see until you look. If you look not expecting to find anything, you won’t.  It is not until you open your heart and mind that your soul can fully engage, and at that time everything you see will be different. There are many blind people who “see” more than those of us gifted with vision. Opening your soul is a relatively small task for most, a larger one for others, but the vision that comes with accomplishing that is priceless.Image

Opening doors… A little Ditty from McGoo

Inner peace takes many forms as we go through life. It is possible to find in the most unlikely of places, and at the strangest of times. Our main challenge is to recognize it when it happens. Nothing does us any good until we discover it, believe it, and accept it. Oftentimes comfort, inner peace, and relaxation are delivered by the most unlikely of hosts. We must always answer the door, as we never really know who is on the other side until we do.


Look beyond the thorns in life…..McGoo

We walk through life sometimes oblivious to that to that which is there in front of us. The reasons are many; with being engulfed in our own problems leading the pack. It is only when we look through these problems and realize that they are only transient can we find peace with our world. Life has to go on, like when replacing a recently departed pet. The new puppy can never replace the old dog, nor should it. Instead it will carve out a niche in your heart with completely new traits, which while different will be every bit as dear to you as any you have ever had. It is only when we turn our back on new encounters and deny them that we really lose, for then we are mired in the past never to progress.Image

Welcome to the world of Mcgoo

You are about to enter the world of McGoo. Not a bad place to be, you just have to understand McGoo’s quirks, and you will as time goes on.

McGoo is the eternal optimist, romantic, and dreamer. Rest assured anything McGoo says comes from his heart. McGoo hasn’t always been like this, but that is a story for another day.

Looking forward to sharing McGoo’s philosophy with you in the future. All the images are mine.

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