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If it feels good, do it! There are few real pleasures in life. Whenever the opportunity presents itself to provide happiness or true pleasure you owe it to yourself to embrace the moment, for you never know when it will be by again.

Allow yourself to enjoy each day as if it is the last day of your life, for one of these days it will be. For the most part we can choose what kind of day we are going to have, as it is largely controlled by our mental attitude and outlook. The decision to enjoy each day is far superior to the alternative.

We have no control over what has already happened, and only limited control over what will happen in the future, but;  we own the moment! How we spend our present is a choice we have. I have elected to enjoy as much of each moment of life as I can as long as others don’t get hurt in the process. I have yet to find anyone to give me a better option .

Success, in my mind, is not measured by what you have but by what you have done and your level of true happiness. I have been both “well to do” and a near pauper. The happiest moments of my life have been spent near the low end of the economic scale. It is far better to have a full heart than a full bank account. You will be remembered for what you have done by many more people than those who remember you for what you had.

Always be willing to give more than you ask! It is a far happier life as a giver than as a taker, and your motives are not challenged as readily.

RT PLS…..Sheltered Love by McGoo



We walk through life sometimes oblivious to that to that which is there in front of us. The reasons are many; with being engulfed in our own problems leading the pack. It is only when we look through these problems and realize that they are only transient can we find peace with our world. Life has to go on, like when replacing a newly departed pet. The new puppy can never replace the old dog, nor should it. Instead it will carve out a niche in your heart with completely new traits, which while different will be every bit as dear to you as any you have never had. It is only when we turn our back on new encounters and deny them that we really lose, for then we are mired in the past never to progress.


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The Plight of McGoo


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Poor McGoo, I tried to get him to write a fresh ISM and he won’t. He is hiding in his hole underground and feels that every time he starts to emerge he gets kicked back into his hole and stomped on, he says at times he is almost ready to say screw it and give up.  You see it is a funny world he lives in. He has been accused of not being in touch with the realities of life. That may be true, but one must look at life the way he does. McGoo’s world is one of vibrant energy, beauty, love, truthfulness, compassion and harmony. No wonder he is so hard to buy into, as there is precious little of any of these characteristics in most people. When he hears people say he is not in touch with reality all he can feel is sorrow, for he knows that the truth of the matter is that “so called” reality is not in touch with him, what a shame! He has problems apologizing for being truthful, having compassion, looking for the good in things, finding beauty (wherever it is hiding), and seeking love. Try as he may, he can’t find the problem with these traits, however he realizes that the world isn’t ready for him yet, so he is seeking the refuge of his hole wanting oh so bad to emerge and be taken as real for he knows who he is and the greatness of his heart and soul, wanting only to share them. True it is a foolish dream when ones main goals in life are finding love and sharing. And that is a shame! And such is the plight of McGoo.

Standing out in a crowd. Feelings by McGoo


Standing out isn’t a bad thing. Society tends to like to establish norms based on someone’s idea of right, be it physical attributes, age, social standing, etc.. Those are not necessarily the criteria we need to seek, it’s as if we have bought into a cookie cutter world.. I tend to differ with this approach, as sometimes standing out can be outstanding.

The nectar of life. McGoo just babbeling.



Recently, while watching a video of butterflies, bats, bees, and hummingbirds; I marveled at the lengths they went to gather pollen and nectar. It dawned on me that nectar is abound and where there is nectar there is beauty; you just have to be willing to seek it out, and it is there for the taking. I find it amazing that for the most part, “the most intelligent species on earth” does not realize this. We stumble over beauty in search of it. The human species never ceases to amaze me for as “intelligent” as we are we totally miss the obvious flavor of life.

Elation… Bringing age-old wisdom to a whole new take on falling in love. A stroll with McGoo


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When I looked at the caller ID on the phone and got that tingly feeling all over I realized that, which I have been trying so hard to deny for a while, was indeed a fact… I am in love. Actually, I have known it since the day I met her but tried my best to deny it.  Deep down inside I think she realizes this to, as I am fairly transparent when it comes to some matters.

Due to the age difference I fully realize that nothing will ever come of this, and I am as comfortable with that as I can be.

What is important, is that the void in my soul that wants to love someone is filled. I truly believe that everyone needs to be in love with someone. The fact that I have fallen in love with a person that is not in love with me and never will be, is something I am cool with. One can only expect so much in a lifetime.

There is a lot more to being in love than sex, or intimacy. Love is a condition, a state of being that lifts and rejuvenates ones soul.

Ironically we are in the process of forming a friendship that, with luck will endure, and that is all I can ask or expect. I know many married couples who are not now , nor have they ever been friends. Their relationships are based on the superficial aspects of life.

In the waning years of my life I feel that to be able to have the feelings I do for this person is a true blessing. If it were to end tomorrow, while I would be saddened,  I would also be comforted knowing that for a period of time there was someone I was (and likely still would be) willing to move mountains for, and ask or expect nothing in return.

If you ever find yourself in this position, don’t be sad, don’t fight or deny it; instead cherish it and savor every moment, for moments like this come along way too seldom in one’s life.

The old fool McGoo  says goodbye till the next time.

A winner. According to Mcgoo.


As the cards of Love and Life are dealt it is often surprising to many that this is one game where a natural pair trumps all and wins.